Faye Takaloo founded Faytak Design in 2009 with one simple goal in mind: to transform people’s lives by enhancing their interiors.


Faytak Designs is a full-service Interior design company, servicing five-star hotels, luxury developments, residential homes and estates in the US , Europe and the Middle East. Working with top-tier developers and owners by consultation, designs, drafts, recommendations to maximize client return on investment, while increasing project notability, marketability and prestige.


In an effort to best, and specifically, serve the luxury real estate market, Faytak Designs offers comprehensive home staging services for homeowners, as well as architects, developers and esteemed real estate agents.


Using fine interior and exterior design methods to stage homes to sell, Faytak increases the sale price and reduces the time a home is on the market.


Faytak Designs philosophy of  “ultimate luxury” is achieved through layers of rich color, organic shapes and cleverly developed lighting. Balanced interiors that are equal parts form and function with modern silhouettes that are brought to life by use of vintage accents and avant-garde elements.




With high profile clients including celebrities, prominent businessmen, royal families, as well as savvy, smart homeowners eager to glamorize their personal residence or sell their property at its highest price, the Faytak Designs team is sensitive to any client needs and quickly accomodating special requests, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.